Fair Play

It’s no fun if it’s not fair! So CasinoCubed.com games are independently tested for accuracy and fairness by Technical Systems Testing, you can see their report on our games here.

Our average Payout Percentage is between 97%-98%, which is way better odds than you’d ever get in Vegas (or Monaco, or Macau, or God forbid, Atlantic City—hey I lived there, I know).

We also maintain a complete audit trail for each individual transaction, covering all the games that you play. At your request, we will make these files available to you for your review.

This also lets us store your game at the exact point of failure, in case your internet connection gets interrupted. If that happens, the next time you login you can resume play from the exact same place where you left off. If the gaming server has received the “spin/deal/hit” or any other instruction related to the game, it will complete the hand and if you win, it will automatically put the money into your account. After you have reconnected you can then return to the game to see the result.

If you have any further questions or concerns with regards to financial transactions, send a note to your Casino Host at Support@CasinoCubed.com.

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